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    Gain new tools, confidence, and the warrior mindset to breakthrough limitations and inspire others to follow you. Use the powerful and practical tools of Martial Strategy to see through the plans of those who are against you while gaining deeper understanding of those who support you.


    Reach your goals by having a personal coach dedicated to holding you accountable and pushing you towards success everyday. There is nothing as amazing as accountability and measurability from a trusted and respected coach to help you on your journey towards your achieving your ambitions.


    Master your emotions and tap into limitless courage, strength, passion and confidence that will immediately impact your loved ones and other relationships you value.

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Prepare to see your life change for the better


Coming from a broken home and having faced poverty growing up, I had developed a lot of limiting self beliefs which held me back from many opportunities in life. I always felt like I wasn’t good enough to take life challenges and progress as a person. After a discussion with Hussein and having read material provided by him, I began to see things differently. Make no mistake, it wasn’t an instant change, that's not how true change takes place. Instead the principles of Hussein's martial strategy coaching helped to toughen me up mentally, to not run from my problems and limiting self beliefs but to face them head on. This was not a reckless process but rather one of methodical and calculated action, small steps at a time but extremely effective. It wasn’t always pleasant, facing your own bullshit isn’t a walk in the park, but consistency was key and Hussein was there to guide me when I needed that. Since that time I have taken control of my career and took the leap to return back to university at the age of 35 to finally pursue the career I always wanted, I have returned to getting back into peak physical health, something I gave up as I got older and after my surgery and I actively seek the things that scare me in life and work on facing and overcoming those fears. Again I need to stress, this is a no B.S approach, but you will get real lasting results.

With regards to training, after my knee surgery, herniated disc in my lower back, a slight curve in my upper spine and constant weekly tension headaches, I had all but given up on exercise and martial arts. Silat Sharaf is not flashy in appearance, you wont be the next wushu champion. This is real, raw self-defence with a real bite. Learning the technique is half the battle, and most schools stop there, leading students to a false sense of security. Silat Sharaf teaches the second half of the equation and thats the correct mindset. I was surprised after having spent a decade in my early 20s studying martial arts, just how unprepared I was to face an actual altercation in the streets. The playing field changes drastically when you don’t have the luxury of rules of sparring or the watchful eye of an instructor and the unspoken agreement of engagement we often develop with fellow students. What do you do when faced down with a group of guys with knives in a dark alleyway? how about being held up at gunpoint in a car? Seems improbable but it happens daily to people who thought like me and you, thinking “That would never happen to me!” the principles of Silat Sharaf teach you to train your body and mind for exactly these types of altercations. As mentioned, I have a number of mechanical issues which I used to think prevented me from being strong and healthy again, Silat Sharaf taught me that the only restrictions are the ones we place on ourselves. I used the principles to tackle my weaknesses and I am back to training like I used to, and even taking part in activities which I once hated like running. Weakness is all in the mind and where the body does have real limitations due to past injuries, there is always a workaround and areas you can improve on. Silat Sharaf for me was a game changer! If you’re looking for someone to massage your ego and tell you it’s all going to magically be ok, then this is not for you. But if you’ve reached a point in life where you feel enough is enough but you don’t know how to change, be prepared to leave your excuses at the door and give Hussein a shot, prepare to see your life change for the better.

Garland H.

Pulled me through hell at work

Garland H.

Total Urban Survival mindset coaching teaches not just effective self preservation strategies, but has helped me see my world through a different lens. It has helped me learn how to calmly and cooly deal with adversity, be it addressing difficult daily experiences or difficult and violent people. This is a fast track to sangfroid that is hard to teach.

Although I don’t routinely deal with violent individuals anymore, when I do, my confidence in what I’ve learned through TUS lets me know that I WILL persevere. It doesn’t give me any other option. Ironically this has led me to be better at de-escalation and allowed me to curb potentially dangerous situations instead of resorting to more hands on measures. You can see more options when you are better able to manage fear. You’ll be able to pick the right response without the traumatic uncertainty of knowing your actions were the best you could do in the situation, and you’ll be able to get through it with the least personal damage to yourself. You’ll learn how to act quickly, decisively, and efficiently. I wish I’d learned this years ago, it’d probably saved me a few scars and restless nights.

Hussein has managed to take the martial arts lifestyle and rejuvenate it, breathing new life into it and making it relevant for everyone from the average person who may never face a violent threat, to those who, due to the nature of their occupation or lifestyle, find themselves in the midst of conflict in a regular basis. This is a unique thing, a martial lifestyle which is just as cerebral as it is physical. It is an assertive survivors mindset. Hussein teaches practical self-defense strategies which are overlooked in traditional martial arts, which might give lip service to avoidance, awareness, and deescalation but never discuss what to look for or how to address it. They certainly don’t teach tactics or strategy. This is an earnest and sincere modern iteration of Silat. It is a martial lifestyle for the modern world.

Manny O.

Helped me develop a leadership mindset

Manny O.

It has been a wonderful experience so far. So many things I never knew, I now know. Personally, I've been able to develop a winner and survival mindset as well as a leadership mindset. Being able to set a goal and achieve it however long it takes. Professionally, I've been able to think like a strategist towards my career and business. Being able to formulate a plan and follow through with purpose.

TUS coaching also helped me improve physically. I was overweight before I started Silat Sharaf training, although I had been practicing martial arts about 13 years prior. I didn't get any motivation to be fit and physically toned. When I started training with TUS coaching, I started making lifestyle changes, eating right, and training at least 2hrs everyday. When I qualified as a team lead, I increased my training and lost so much in a short time. Now my speed and reflexes are up to par.

Eric H.

Gave me leverage during complex situations

Eric H.

Pendekar Hussein's martial strategy coaching helped me achieve personal and professional results by empowering me with decisiveness in taking action and strategic out-of-the-box thinking. The mindset gave me leverage during complex situations and when facing people stronger or even more experienced than I was.

Once was when a family friend and myself were trapped by deceitful, corrupt police officers. The mindset helped me to lead us out of this situation and finally beat them at their own game. The second was on business in the Congo when I had to use my car as a weapon to get out of a hostile crowd that already attacked some men. A cheering bystander associated me with them and motivated the crowd to drag us out of the car. This was during tensions because of the murder of an innocent teacher and students. The third challenge had to do with a life-changing situation where I simply had no control anymore. All I had left was my mindset to change the way I perceived and managed the problem.



"Every human being needs a coach." Eric Schmidt, CEO, Google

TUS Martial Strategy Coaching (TUSMSC) will help you develop your strategic thinking skills through the very principles you study and love in the combat arts. You will learn faster than your competition and devour your opposition.

Deep understanding of Martial Strategy and years of experience applying it in real, high-stress situations is what sets apart TUS Martial Strategy Coaching from all else. My knowledge and experience transferred to you and adapted to meet your specific needs and achieve results in your circumstances.

Through TUS Martial Strategy Coaching, I will help you create a culture of martial excellence in your life. And a warrior mindset to confront any challenge life throws at you that will become the new foundation for every aspect of your being. When this mindset permeates your heart and spirit, you will find that you can face more than you ever imagined possible in your personal and professional life. Nothing and nobody will ever make you feel beaten again.

If you’re ready to take your martial mindset to the next level, it’s time to get started with TUS Martial Strategy Coaching. You will truly be amazed at just how much is possible for you with the right guidance. A true supporter who always sees the potential in you, even when you don't see it in yourself.

Don’t wait another day to take this critical step toward unbridled mental strength and a new perspective on life through the eyes of a martial strategist. Apply below and see how TUS Martial Strategy coaching can benefit your life today.

Stay Strong, Stay Proud, Stay Lethal.

Pendekar Hussein

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