Have you ever questioned your ability to face that guy putting his hands on your girl? Or got butterflies in your stomach wondering if your martial arts training could make it against that hard looking guy staring at you on the train?

If your answer is yes, you’re not alone in realizing all that training you did isn’t worth shit, because you didn’t train the one thing 99% of special forces soldiers say kept them going in the heat of combat...their mindset.

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The majority of martial arts training is deficient. In simpler terms, fucked, and doomed to failure. You’ve probably spent time training in a system that prioritizes technical skills but never prioritized the key ingredient to success in real violence: your mind. If you said yes above, don’t blame yourself, you’re part of the 99% of people who got shafted in their training. You’re an innocent victim of the martial arts clowns who peddle BS information just to make money. Now it’s time to correct the nonsense of the past.

"It’s like the 48 Laws of Power. People who heed your advice will benefit. This is important work you’re doing." - G. Hummel, Pekiti Tirsia Tactical Practitioner, USA

The Warrior Mind Combat Blueprint will take you through tested methods of mental training devised by special soldiers, assassins, and cartel killers to steel their minds for the brutalities of their environment. We bring you THE EXACT SAME METHODS to developing the killer instinct you need to DESTROY hardcore opponents...FROM HARDCORE OPPONENTS...not theoretical nonsense from guys who’ve never fought anyone except their girlfriend for another slice of Dominos pizza. When your life or your family’s lives are on the line, there’s no second guessing yourself BS allowed. You’re playing for keeps and YOU MUST BE PREPARED to dish out the force required to win. This force STARTS IN YOUR MIND.

With the Warrior Mind Combat Blueprint you’ll be training your mind to EXPLODE WITH STRATEGIC AGGRESSION when needed. Here’s what you get.

1. Old school special forces and intelligence officer training methods that will develop the “ice in your veins” coolness when under stress

2. Daily dread intention drills to acclimate your mind to violence and program it to see, accept, return when commanded to

3. Simple methods for transferring your combat mindset to daily life and DOMINATING those wannabe alphas around you

4. Mental tricks to disarm adversaries and make them literally STOP IN THEIR TRACKS when confronted by you

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Never allow WEAKNESS and FEAR to control you. Take action immediately and train to WEAPONIZE YOUR MIND