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What Professionals and Prepared Civilians are Saying

Ebrihim R.

Firearms Instructor / Tactical Medic

Ebrihim R.

"I’ll give Hussein props, he's a real Pendekar because he’s put the REAL WORK IN!!! He’s had to use his craft in real-world situations, AND SURVIVED!!! He's been shot at, cut at, people trying to crush his skull! HE KNOWS WHAT WORKS FOR US TO SURVIVE!!"
Garland H.

Neuro Nurse / Pekiti Tirsia Practitioner

Garland H.

"Great material in the mental training section. I found the sections that used personal stories and narrative to illustrate precepts to be the most poignant. Cultivation of sangfroid while everything around you is falling apart and the wolves are closing in. It's like the 48 laws of power. People who heed your advice will benefit from it. This is important work you are doing. Really and truly. I thoroughly enjoyed reading these and they jive with what my own experiences have taught me."
Pendekar Manny

Silat Instructor / Private Security Specialist

Pendekar Manny

"One of the best approaches to self-defense, personal security, and survival. The system is straightforward and easy to understand and apply, not just in physical confrontations but in business and everyday life as well."
Guru Eric

Silat Instructor / Police Trainer

Guru Eric

"Improved my Silat and combatives to levels I thought beyond me. Most importantly, the training completely changed my mindset."
Wolf Smoke

Massage Therapist / Silat & FMA Practitioner

Wolf Smoke

"Your footwork drills saved the day for my 15-year old son when he was attacked downtown. I also believe your warrior body conditioning exercises improved his punching effectiveness"
Officer Faris

Correctional Officer

Officer Faris

"The training helped me to out-think and out-fight some nasty people in my job."
Pau K.

Sharaf Mindset permeates throughout all levels of my life

Pau K.

Having been a practitioner for over a decade, the Silat Sharaf Mindset permeates throughout all levels of my life.

1. Heightened Awareness- ATTACK THE ATTACK. The tactic of offensively intercepting incoming attacks. Great for programming the body's reactions to incoming stimuli. As well, my traffic- awareness improved drastically and this has saved me from more than a few close calls when I'm riding my motorcycle from all the road assassin's (in other words, every other road user) out here in Taiwan, where I live.

2. Pain Tolerance- BEFRIEND PAIN. Through the system's physical training regime, the practitioner quickly learns to befriend pain and be happy smiling with it. One practitioner used to refer to training sessions as "the suck". Pain. Lots of it. This is meant to build a mind and body that can deal with trauma of any sort. Invaluable in emotionally high-stress situations as well, such as getting fired, death of a family member, going through heartbreak, etc. The ability to take more pain AND heal faster.

The Houdini Exit- TACTICAL DISENGAGEMENT. Leave when the job is done. Leave undetected. This tenet also reminds you to FIRST finish the job.

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